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I’m blessed, and extremely grateful, and I spend a significant amount of time working on charity projects like Heartosaurus to help others.

I get emails regularly from people that have read my book or been to one of my speaking engagements. How did you manage to run a marathon right after you had open heart surgery? How were you able to overcome your alcoholism, a.d.d., and depression? You were bankrupt; how did you turn that around? Often these people are facing challenges in their own lives. I don’t have a magic answer for them. The truth is that the two main reasons I was able to persevere is that 1) I always kept a positive attitude even during the darkest moments of my life, and 2) I never gave up. Sometimes my optimism seemed foolish during moments of almost certain demise; but I ended up coming out on top because I never gave up. I believed that no matter what happened things would get better and I would reach my goals. My achievements revealed themselves in ways I had not expected. Things don’t always happen exactly how you think they will; but if you keep a positive attitude and are ambitious your dreams will come true. People who are negative and complain don’t go anywhere in life. They live in a rut, and are always looking to drag people into the mud with them. According to the laws of the universe if you stay positive and don’t give up, it’s nearly impossible for you to fail to reach your goals. You have to live, eat, and breathe them, and the more obstacles there are, the more diligent and unwavering you must be in your pursuit. Reaching some goals will feel like a marathon while others will seem like a sprint, but if you don’t keep pushing ahead you’ll never reach the finish line. When things seem farthest, you must have blind faith.

An essential part of making your dreams come true is to set lofty goals, break them down into smaller ones, and put them on paper. But that’s not it. You need to give the goals life. You need to send their energy out into the universe to make them a “potential”. This happens by visualizing them regularly, and by telling someone about them. By telling someone about your goal you give it life. Now there is more energy out there to help it become a reality. If you’ve read Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief”, Masaro Emoto’s “The Hidden Messages in Water”, or watched “The Secret”, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This process has been a common denominator among the most successful and talented people in the world for decades and the author’s above have honed in on certain aspects and brought it to the public eye.

Do you make a list of goals that excite you every New Year and break them down into smaller ones? Do you tell people about them? Do you have a dream board or at least some pictures of your goals? Do you visualize them and push forward executing the steps necessary to make them a reality? Put together a list of goals……..personal, financial, health, family………I’d like to hear them…...…make your dreams come true!

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