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"...I recommend this touching and inspiring book to everyone."
"Running a marathon is much more than just a metaphor in Benjamin Carey’s powerful memoir Barefoot in November. His inspiring story, beautifully told, encourages us to take charge of our own fate. This book captures his emotional, physical and spiritual journey to the finish line and beyond. Benjamin Carey’s world is understandably rocked when he discovers that he is living with an aortic aneurysm. He credits his family, doctors and surgeons, as well as post John Ritter awareness, for his survival. In the wake of John’s loss the demand for information about aortic dissection and its genetic predisposition was heightened. This wave of awareness has brought about a significant rise in correct diagnosis and in proactive treatment for this dangerous ticking time bomb. Ben’s wife Nicole and his mother keep him on track by reminding him to consider John's fate when assessing his own. I especially appreciate the simplicity and specificity with which he lays out the medical and personal events leading to his life saving surgery. His writing strikes the perfect tone while honestly recounting what it took to survive his ordeal. The tenderness, toughness and humor required will be recognizable to anyone who has gone through this kind of crash course in aortic disease or any life changing event. I recommend this touching and inspiring book to everyone." -Amy Yasbeck 

"I couldn't put this book down staying up half the night to finish it! I found myself laughing out loud one minute and crying the next!....." -Amazon review excerpt

".....This book made me cry a little (not very British!), laugh a lot, and it provides the much needed inspiration that we all need to survive life's difficulties and challenges with a positive spirit. Benjamin's writing style reminds me of the way another one of my heroes, Tim Ferriss writes -- a young guy with lots of balls!....." -Amazon review excerpt 

"A compelling memoir of a man and his family's journey through the discovery of a aortic aneurysm. It is honest, warm and with moments of humor." -Margaret Sings, Librarything.com  

"Great story..a must read for any stubborn patient going through an illness. I actually found the dynamics between Carey and his wife pretty humorous, as I am sure that is the same way my husband and I would be! More than for the basis of the story, I liked it more for what Carey had written between the lines related to familial dynamics and work ethic, as well. I thought he made some very important points whether a person has a life threatening illness or not!" -Sisterhood of the Traveling Book review

"A true page turner. This book sucked me in and I found myself not able to put it down......" -Amazon review excerpt

"This book was a very easy read and a definite page turner. From the start it keeps you begging for more! It is humorous,sad, exciting and bittersweet......" -Amazon review excerpt 

"AMAZING! Such an uplifting and inspirational book. Couldn't put it down." -Goodreads review 

"Simply put: This book can change your outlook on life. If you are dealing with a life-threatening situation of your own, have a loved one that is, or are simply looking for some answers to what the meaning of life is... this book is for you! During this read, at different points in the book, I found myself laughing, nodding my head, shaking my head, and in near tears. The author does a great job of painting the picture of a man who, like most, made some mistakes in life, but learned so much in a short period of time due to the fact that he was thrown into a life-threatening situation in a matter of seconds. This man was living a normal life before being brought to a place that no one wants to be, and ended up coming out of it a better man, father, and husband. Again, this is a great read. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to better themselves, find some meaning in life, or simply find a good ol' uplifting book. 5 stars." -Goodreads review 

"Wow! This is one of those books that I feel the need to share with friends because it's just that good. Normally it takes a while for me to truly get into a book, but not this one. I was captivated within the first couple of pages, and it continued until the very last page..." -Goodreads review excerpt 

"A must read for everyone, especially those who may be looking at open heart surgery......" -Amazon review excerpt 

"I had the chance to read Barefoot in NovemberI could not put it down. Coming from a job in the medical field, the appointments and medical details were very interesting to me. I could feel the emotional ups and downs. The feelings are real as each developing issue came to light with each passing day. I wanted to reach out to hold the hand of Benjamin’s wife. My goodness all the stress she must have been carrying. Then to experience her own medical emergency. When it rains it pours! I was drawn in to the story for the medical curiosity but found Barefoot in November to be so much more. It is a story of courage, and fight. It is about listening to your body and the doctors wanting to make it right. It is about emotions, family and love. Barefoot in November makes you stop and think about Destiny and living each day." -Rita Alarcon, One2Try.net 
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