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The last few hundred feet of a marathon are grueling and filled with emotion. The finish line banner appears up ahead and you are overcome with emotion. Your lungs are on fire and you beg your concrete filled legs to carry you just a few hundred feet more to the finish. You are exhilarated knowing what you've set out to do and are now seconds away from completing.

Now imagine coming down the home stretch and hearing an explosion and being impaled by flying shrapnel. You are shocked. Imagine seeing runners and spectators alongside of you horrified and fearing for their lives. Bewildered, you wonder what is happening as it all plays out in slow motion in front of you.

It happened yesterday in Boston, and these are images that we will not forget. These acts of terrorism are something we are not accustomed to in America, and we will not tolerate them. Whoever is responsible will pay. We stand proud and united as Americans and we will not let these cowardly acts stop us from living life as we know it. Our hearts go out to the victims and we pray for their speedy recovery. We pray for everyone affected that you will see the sun shine again and will soon find a good night's sleep away from the demons that you have been subjected to.

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