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It was one of those things that brings you back and stops you in your tracks for a moment; reminding you how impressionable children are, and how big the world seems to them. My 9 year old is learning about the solar system in school and has been chatting us up about it. We were talking the other day while I was getting ready for work, and out of the blue he asked

"Dad, can we go and see the sunrise?"

My first instinct was to brush off the request so we could move on and I could finish getting ready for my meeting, but for some reason the sincerity of his question made me pause. What 9 year old asks if they can go and see the sunrise?

"Sure, we can. We'll drive to the beach and see it this weekend. We'll have to get up when it's still dark, just before the sun comes up", I answered.

He seemed astonished by the response, but of all the things a kid could ask for how could I say no? I don't think I've watched a sunrise since my college days, but for some reason I felt it was important to follow through on this. As adults we remember our childhood experiences with our parents more than we do anything else. It turns out it was a perfect weekend to do it. Our schedule was light, the weather was nice, and there was a nearly full moon which allowed us the privilege of watching the moonset and sunrise simultaneously. We left at 4:30am and were on the beach to see first light in the eastern sky and the moon descending in the west simultaneously. It was spectacular.

Robert Moses Beach - Fire Island Lighthouse - April 24th, 2016


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