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"...I recommend this touching and inspiring book to everyone."
-Amy Yasbeck

Running a marathon is much more than just a metaphor in Benjamin Carey’s powerful memoir Barefoot in November. His inspiring story, beautifully told, encourages us to take charge of our own fate. This book captures his emotional, physical and spiritual journey to the finish line and beyond.
            Benjamin Carey’s world is understandably rocked when he discovers that he is living with an aortic aneurysm. He credits his family, doctors and surgeons, as well as post John Ritter awareness, for his survival. In the wake of John’s loss the demand for information about aortic dissection and its genetic predisposition was heightened. This wave of awareness has brought about a significant rise in correct diagnosis and in proactive treatment for this dangerous ticking time bomb. Ben’s wife Nicole and his mother keep him on track by reminding him to consider John's fate when assessing his own. 
I especially appreciate the simplicity and specificity with which he lays out the medical and personal events leading to his life saving surgery. His writing strikes the perfect tone while honestly recounting what it took to survive his ordeal. The tenderness, toughness and humor required will be recognizable to anyone who has gone through this kind of crash course in aortic disease or any life changing event. 
            I recommend this touching and inspiring book to everyone.
-Amy Yasbeck, Actress & Founder of
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