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Simply put: This book can change your outlook on life. If you are dealing with a life-threatening situation of your own, have a loved one that is, or are simply looking for some answers to what the meaning of life is... this book is for you! During this read, at different points in the book, I found myself laughing, nodding my head, shaking my head, and in near tears. The author does a great job of painting the picture of a man who, like most, made some mistakes in life, but learned so much in a short period of time due to the fact that he was thrown into a life-threatening situation in a matter of seconds. This man was living a normal life before being brought to a place that no one wants to be, and ended up coming out of it a better man, father, and husband. Again, this is a great read. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to better themselves, find some meaning in life, or simply find a good ol' uplifting book.  5 stars.

-Amazon.com Review of Barefoot in November
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