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Yesterday I rubbed my son’s back as he threw up out the car door. The seat, the door, and the window got sprayed. I had to pull over immediately, but I’m sure passersby knew what was happening when they saw my pale, skinny, bald little Martian hunched over at the door.

This morning we are in Lake placid watching the sunrise and preparing to climb Phelps mountain, and Mount Marcy the highest mountain in New York State. This is something we have always wanted to do together. We are setting up base camp at Marcy Dam, climbing Phelps today, and then taking the Van Hovenberg trail to Mt. Marcy and back tomorrow. 

This is how we have faced every obstacle in our lives — with blatant fortitude. #FUCANCER

Every day is a new chapter in the book of your life. Don’t be handcuffed to a boring agenda. Don’t fall into line like a sheep and accept a life relegated to monotony.

When you are gone people will not care whether you were a janitor, a doctor, or an attorney. Their memories of you will be etched by their five senses. They will remember what it felt like to touch you, what you smelled like, how are your voice sounded, and what you looked like.

But there is an X factor How you made them feel will leave behind the most vivid memories.

So write the chapters of your life boldly and focus less on things that no one will even remember when you are gone. No one cares. Everyday you are writing your legacy. Do it with grace and passion.

Sully has been on hold for the past two weeks to begin phase 3 of his chemotherapy treatment because his blood levels have been too low to start.

Chemotherapy kills cancer cells, but it also kills all of the cells even the good ones. As a result it is necessary at different points in treatment to take a break and allow the body to reproduce the good cells and recover before beginning the next phase.

We are hopeful that he will be ready to begin phase 3 next week if his blood levels are sufficient.

His spirit is upbeat and positive but he has had frequent bouts of nausea and his eating has been poor.

His total treatment timeline is 3 years. There will be more chemotherapy, spinal taps, bone marrow biopsies and blood draws ahead, but this is our new norm and no one is complaining.

He was cancer free on his last MRD reading a few weeks ago, and that is the positivity we embrace and hold onto.

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  1. We will keep Sully and your family in our prayers. I love your attitude towards this difficult journey. Stay strong. God bless you all.
    The Pearse Family.


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