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My sons and I took to the road for an overnight trip to the adirondacks. From Keene Valley we hiked in to Marcy Dam and set up base camp. Our goal was to climb Mt. Marcy the following day, but weather put a damper on it. 

Strong thunderstorms rolled in with heavy downpours. The thunder and wind were so loud overnight. It felt like we were sitting right under the heavens. We stayed dry in our tent and lean-to but the next day presented with more drizzle and low visibility so we climbed Phelps mountain, a much shorter route, and then packed up camp and left for home. I taught the boys how to set up a safe base camp, cook freeze dried food with a primus burner, carve with their new knives, read a trail map, and use a compass. We read from "creatures great and small" a book I've been sharing with them, and of course the trip was filled with questions about the universe and the usual adolescent potty humor.

It wasn't a planned trip but it's important to do and say the things that come to mind with the people you love. Put your thoughts and feelings into words, let your actions reflect them, and turn your ideas into memories.


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